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M.S. Loan Guru Pvt. Ltd. – Car Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Housing Loan, Loan to MSME sector

Loan Guru, a pioneer in the financial industry, was established 25 years ago in the heart of Delhi. Founded by the visionary Sardar Jagjit Singh Arri, the company has remained dedicated to providing top-notch loan and financial services to clients both in India and abroad.

Specializing in offering comprehensive financial assistance, Loan Guru covers a wide spectrum of financial needs. Whether it’s personal loans, business funding, or investment guidance, Loan Guru is your one-stop solution. With an extensive network and experience, they cater to diverse financial requirements across the globe.

Loan Guru’s success is not only attributed to its expertise but also to its strategic partnerships. Collaborating with reputable companies across various categories, Loan Guru ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that fit their unique circumstances. These partnerships underscore the company’s commitment to delivering excellence in every endeavor.

Innovation in Agriculture

Stepping beyond traditional financial services, Loan Guru is at the forefront of innovation. Their involvement in cutting-edge technologies such as Drones and Krishi Viman for Agriculture solutions showcases their dedication to modernizing and improving sectors vital to society.

Uniform Manufacturing and Leasing

Loan Guru’s influence is pervasive, even in unexpected areas. They have ventured into uniform manufacturing and leasing, solidifying their presence wherever uniformity is required. This commitment to diverse industries exemplifies their adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

Expert Manpower Solutions

Recognizing the importance of skilled personnel, Loan Guru stands out for its specialist manpower services. Whether clients need experts in technology, finance, or any field, Loan Guru has a dedicated team to meet those needs. This emphasis on a well-rounded workforce illustrates their holistic approach to addressing client requirements..

Our Team

Jagjeet Singh Arri

Managing Director

Rishu Kaur


Harvinder Singh Arri

Sales & Marketing Head


To become a market leader in the financial services sector by providing optimum solutions through optimum utilization of global resources along with quality service and a commitment to excellence to promote business ethics and best practices.

Core Value

At LOAN GURU, we believe that our value driven services rendered to our clients work as big catalyst in their success. We strongly believe in :

  • Partnership – We act as an extension of our client’s office. We provide decisive and dedicated support to our clients.

  • Integrity – We honestly represent our clients to financers and our financers to clients. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.

  • Confidentiality – We accord the highest respect to information that we have been entrusted with.

  • Commitment – We remain committed to deliver high quality services to our clients by adequately understanding their needs.

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