Our Services


Project Finance
Long term financing of commercially viable projects . Usually, a project financing structure involves:

  • Preparation of project reports, financial statements,
  • Analysis of financial viability of the project, negotiation with banks / Institution for terms,
  • Assistance in deciding the appropriate pricing structure/security offered for the proposed transaction,
  • Assisting client on documentation and disbursement.

Term Loans
Term Loan for a specific purpose like acquiring equipment/machinery, capex for balancing of capacities, modernization etc. having specified repayment schedule and a floating/fixed interest rate for medium to long term period on specific/ sharing of securities.

Working Capital Facilities (CC/OD)
Short Term finance to fund the gap in operating business cycle. It normally involves:

  • Forecasting working capital requirement,
  • Preparation of CMA data,
  • Preparation of applications/proposal for bank(s).
  • Advising/Assisting clients in negotiation on pricing, concessions, security etc. with bank(s).
  • Assisting client on documentation and disbursement.

External Commercial Borrowing
The foreign currency borrowings raised by the Indian Corporate from confirmed banking sources outside India are called "External Commercial Borrowings" (ECBs). Our Services include:

  • Identification of Lending Institution.
  • Advising client on ECB fund raising as per latest RBI guidelines.
  • Assisting company in completion of necessary documentation exercise.

Foreign Letter of Credit Limit 
FLC limit is being offered to all importers(both manufactures and traders) for importing material or machinery at  sight LC or a usance LC.

Inland Letter of Credit Limit 
ILC limit is being offered to all local traders and manufactures for their purpose of local purchases both sight and usance Letter of Credit.

Bank Guarantees
Bank Guarantees are provided by various banks and financial institution for both performance and financial purposes.  


Pre & Post shipment funding
Short term, pre-shipment financing enables exporters to procure raw materials for the manufacture of finished goods for export. The facility is available both in INR and in major foreign currencies to Exporters, enabling the exporters to compete in global market against others.

Short term, post sale financing to the exporter to provide liquidity during the credit period permitted to the overseas buyers to make payment. The facility is available both in Indian Rupee and in major foreign currencies to Exporters, enabling the exporters to compete in global market against others. 

Buyer’s Credit
As an importer, you can avail of Buyers Credit facility at very competitive rates. You can make the import payment to your overseas supplier by availing the buyer’s credit and can repay the lender at a later date. The funding is arranged from our overseas network branches and you can avail of this product in major currencies. 

Factoring is the process of purchasing invoices from a business at a certain discount. We provide financing services to small and medium-sized companies who need cash. It is a low value short term financing forms. It involves the purchase of invoices. After shipping your goods or services, the factor purchases the invoices, and advances cash to you company, it provide liquid assets to small business. In fact banks have strict criteria when lending money so it is difficult for these companies to obtain loans.
Unsecured Business Loans
Unsecured Business Loan is also known as Business Instalment Loan (BIL).  It is an unsecured loan which is for a corporate/business concern. The maximum funding under this product is 3.5crore. We have tie ups for all Banks/Financial Institutions having this product.  Our Services include:

  • Assessing the requirement of customer on the basis of bank or financial institution
  • Preparation of applications/proposal for bank(s).
  • Advising/Assisting clients in negotiation on pricing, concessions etc. with bank(s).
  • Assisting client on documentation and disbursement.


Experienced Team :
we have qualified and experienced team to advise whole spectrum of Financial Services:

  • Debt Syndication
  • Private Equity Advisory

Relationship With Funding Institution :
Good relationship with almost all PSU Banks MNC Bank, Private Bank, Co-operative Banks and NBFCs, it gives us an opportunity to bring best deal for client considering all options available in the financial market.

Understanding complex transactions :
Fund raising is specialized job and our understanding of complex transaction and ability to provide solution gives immense satisfaction to our existing clients
Our regular interaction with Banks / Institutions makes us comfortable in terms of understanding Banks requirement and funding psychology and hence we can negotiate on various issues like pricing , collateral security , justification of requirement and proper response on queries raised by lenders .

Knowledge about Financial Product :
As we advise companies across the sector and industry it give us lot of advantage in understanding a company’s requirement, so we can structure a transaction as per companies requirement.

Identification of right Bank/ FI :
This is one the most crucial aspect of fund raising part , as every bank has different philosophy and appetite for different type of Business and Financial product, we have find a perfect match for a particular transaction , company cannot afford to submit a proposal in non- suitable Bank, Our continuous interaction gives a better understanding each and every Banks and its funding strategy


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